• Envision a peaceful/meaningful ending. Avoid unnecessary suffering.

My journey into this work has evolved over many years – decades, really. Many strands — both professionally and personally – have woven together over time to inform, heal, and motivate me, instinctively preparing me for this work.

Workshops & Presentations

healthEase Workshops and Presentations

When we talk about grief and loss or considering what’s important to us regarding our own health care desires, there are no “rights” and “wrongs.” What’s important is to be true to ourselves and know that whatever we choose and however we feel is all OK.

My workshops are held in a warm, safe environment with only five to 10 people in attendance. This size group is small enough to allow space and time for everyone to be heard, build trust among the participants and agree that whatever is said within the group is to be respected and kept confidential.

Equally important, small groups allow each of us to act as teachers for each other, to hear other peoples’ perspectives and learn from each other’s experiences. The result is often new thinking, new ideas and different approaches to difficult topics.

Living Deeply, Dying Well Film Presentation

  • A 30-minute heartfelt documentary capturing the voices and experiences of people finding comfort through making personal choices about death and dying. The interviews and stories reveal the complexities of end-of-life issues in today’s healthcare environment and the many pathways to a better ending.

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Future Care Preferences Workshop

  • There is no better gift for yourself and your loved ones than to answer some questions and make some plans now while you are physically and mentally capable, and while you are not in crisis.

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Grief & Loss Workshop

  • Grief is universal though not well accepted or understood. Join us to better understand the grieving process and what actions and activities might best help in healing.

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