• Envision a peaceful/meaningful ending. Avoid unnecessary suffering.

Feeling safe and respected in a small group setting is a great way to help you sort through and identify your priorities for care.

Future Care Preferences Workshops

Future Care Preferences Workshops 

A place to explore end-of-life options and create a healthcare plan that reflects your personal desires. There is no better gift for yourself and your loved ones than to answer some questions and make some plans now while you are physically and mentally capable, and while you are not in crisis.

Ask Yourself:

  • Who will be my advocate if I am unable to speak for myself?
  • What happens if I have an unexpected illness/injury?
  • What kind of medical treatment do I want … or not want?
  • How do I start a conversation with my loved ones about my healthcare preferences?

Overview of Workshop Topics:

  • Complete an Advance Directive – Make choices appropriate for you.
  • Learn about End-of-life Healthcare – Learn medical terminology and the complexities inside the healthcare system.
  • Explore the Mysteries of Dying – Discuss grief and loss, the real work of dying, life support and quality of life and your legacy. Read current articles and hear unique stories.
  • Become comfortable with the Idea of Death – Participating in the six (6) hour small group setting is a proven way to reduce your anxiety and increase your comfort level.


  • Four two-hour sessions.
  • Sessions are cumulative. We ask for a commitment to all four sessions.
  • Group size varies between 5 and 8 people.
  • Standard fee is $175 per person for the series. Reduced rate for couples.Includes all materials. Cost includes facilitation, notebooks, numerous handouts, and the Five Wishes healthcare directive.
  • Invite your family/friends – You are welcome to create your own group. Once sufficient interest is known, we will work with the group to establish dates.
  • If interested, please send me an email indicating your interest (pamela@healthease.guru). I can either add you to my list for the next workshop or create a workshop especially for you and your select family members and/or friends.


Pamela K Steele

Pamela K Steele

Pamela K Steele, PhD

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Certified Mediator
  • Healthcare Advocate and Navigator
  • www.healthEase.guru


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