• There are times when we all need some help...

My journey into this work has evolved over many years – decades, really. Many strands — both professionally and personally – have woven together over time to inform, heal, and motivate me while instinctively preparing me for this work.

Overview of healthEase Services

Why seek help?

If you’re anything like I am, you may think you can do it all. Live your life and help someone else with theirs. You may believe you can juggle multiple responsibilities, differentiate between the urgent and the important, handle logistics and keep your own health and life in balance. Sometimes, however, Mother Nature knows better than we do and has her ways to get our attention (see My Journey).

You may want to consider engaging some outside help for any number of reasons:

– Perhaps your loved one or dear friend lives in a different city or state and it is not physically possible for you to be present to provide face to face support or do the necessary work.
– Perhaps your family dynamics suggest the advisability of having an objective person serve as a facilitator.
– Perhaps your work and/or own family situation require all the time and energy you have.
– Perhaps, when you can be with your friend or loved one, you’d prefer to spend quality time rather than run logistics. 
– Perhaps you can see that being a caregiver is taking on a toll on you, your health and your relationships.

Why healthEase?

To help you better understand my services, follow the links in this section to review some of the ways I might be useful. Some of these may be relevant for you, others may not. Some may be needed now, others later. Consider this a partial list of topics for conversation.

Pamela Katims Steele Ph.D.