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Pamela’s approach to clients is authentic and her clients know it.  She’s an inspiring teacher who manages to reach people who have been “stuck” in an unhealthy pattern for years.

…Dr. Andrew Elliott

Reviews and Client Comments

Pamela’s work with psychiatric patients in our mental health clinic was a game changer.  She made such a positive difference in the lives and health of our clients that I am now determined to incorporate wellness coaches in all of our mental health clinics.  Her approach to clients is authentic and her clients know it.  She’s an inspiring teacher who manages to reach people who have been “stuck” in an unhealthy pattern for years.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and her ability to understand the active medical issues create ‘hope’ for individuals whom it seems had long given up.   She balances her life experiences, medical knowledge, and wit and joins with consumers in a way that helps them find their own recovery path while encouraging them to take small, doable steps in a healthy direction. Thanks so much for your commitment to our patients’ health!

… Dr. Andrew Elliott
Medical Director, Riverside County Department of Mental Health

I’ve known Pamela for over 30 years, in both professional and personal relationships.  She is perfect for this work and brings the knowledge, commitment and compassion that you need to navigate the health care system.  I trust her with my life.  

… Dori Gillam
Program Manager, Aging Your Way, Senior Services, Certified Gerontologist & Hospice Worker

Pamela worked with our mental health program and interdisciplinary team, providing a variety of services that included health screenings, individual coaching and motivational group presentations.

She always encouraged and supported clients in assessing and addressing their health needs. Because so many of our clients neglected their health for many years, Pamela was always brilliant in her ability to gently encourage better choices. Her interventions were always appropriate to the clinical situation and timed effectively. Pamela was perceived as an ally of colleagues and consumers–smart, insightful, pragmatic, warm and encouraging.

For too long physical health and mental health services have been compartmentalized. Today it is important to link consumers of behavioral health services with services in the primary healthcare system. This area of linkage and integration is the exciting new area of Heath Navigation and the unique role of the Health Navigator. There is no better Health Navigator that can be recommended than Pamela Steele.

… Ed Franasiak, PhD
Mental Health Services Supervisor

Intelligent. Trustworthy. Compassionate. Resourceful.  Four words I would use to describe Pamela Katims Steele, PhD.  

When you need help weighing all the options, it’s important to know what’s available, how to access it, and what’s realistic – for your family, your financial parameters, and your sanity.  Pamela is an expert at knowing the spectrum of health resources and care options available.  But what makes her unique is a wonderful blend of head and heart.  With a Doctorate in Educational Psychology and executive experience in the medical community, she brings an unparalleled level of competence, confidence and clarity to physical, mental and emotional health situations.  But it’s her compassion for the human condition, and a personal understanding of the challenges we face as caregivers to people we love, that compelled me to come to her when I needed help in navigating the process for a friend who was dying.  Her calm and thoughtful approach helped me make the right – and tough – decisions.  Plus, she’s always got a box of Kleenex and a listening ear at the ready.

Don’t wait until your nerves are frazzled, your guilt level is skyrocketing and you’re frustrated by medical and family complexities.  If you need help navigating the system, call her now. 

…Lynann B

Dr. P has been my trusted support and guide for several years. She has stood by me through relationship challenges, never judging, never mocking my periodic ill-fated decisions or slow recognition of unhealthy patterns.  With her help, I have been inspired to change and grow and have made great strides to become a person I respect and love. I treasure her insight and perspective.

…Eric S

Having responsibility on all health decisions for a terminally ill loved one is tough! I’ve just been there for my sweet man, now deceased.   Pamela’s help on questions to ask doctors and nurses during my numerous hospital visits, ideas on how to stand my ground and how to keep myself sane throughout this trying time was invaluable. While her concrete suggestions and intelligent perspective were helpful, even more important was the compassion with which she listened, the sense of safety she provided, and the trust I felt in her presence.

… Yvonne C

If you want to get something done well– comprehensively, meticulously and compassionately, talk to Pamela. Pamela is a steadfast and courageous person.  Her professional expertise and personal challenges have helped her achieve a perspective and empathy that feels like a warm blanket on a frosty night.  She is able to listen with an open heart and a mind that understands the questions to ask.  She is able to find the connections to facilitate positive outcomes.

… Gail R