• Grief and healing have no timetable, no prescribed path...

It’s important to honor your feelings, welcome your tears, and embrace the journey.

Grief & Loss Workshops

Grief & Loss Workshops 

Grief is universal though it is typically not well accepted or understood. Truly, grief is love with no place to go. It is a process that is different for each of us. Many of us have been taught to buck up and get on with life. Our losses will not disappear though over time the accompanying pain will lessen. If we don’t acknowledge our grief and allow it to take its course, our unresolved issues keep us from embracing life to its fullest.

Join Us:

  • Join us to better understand the grieving process, how to best support yourself and others in their grief and what actions and activities might best help with grief and loss.

Overview of Workshop Topics:

  • Cultural response to grief.
  • Effective ways to handle grief.
  • Understanding the grief process.
  • The importance of time.
  • The healing power of listening.
  • Do’s and don’ts of helping others.


  • This workshop is two hours in length, appropriate for those 18 or older and is offered for $50.
  • If interested, please send me an email indicating your interest (pamela@healthease.guru). I can either add you to my list for the next workshop or create a workshop especially for you and your select family members and/or friends.


Pamela K Steele

Pamela K Steele

Pamela K Steele, PhD

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Certified Mediator
  • Healthcare Advocate and Navigator
  • www.healthEase.guru


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